I have used Rebbeck Realty for 4 transactions ( 2 rentals as tenants) and a home purchase and home sale. Having worked with several realtors in my lifetime, I can honestly say that Toni Rebbeck has high integrity, is humble and hard working and an expert in various...
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I liked
  • Outstanding customer service
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Rebbeck Realty Staff Review

Mercedes green lied to me and my family when she told us that she would help us relocate to las vegas and find a tental property . She said that she would meet me on saturday to look at rentqls and she never showed up or returned my calls i felt totally abandoned! that
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Rebbeck Realty (Las Vegas) does not answer or return calls when necessary nor do they fix home problems properly-- then they keep your deposit unjustly upon move out. I lived in a home managed by Rebbeck Realty for the last year and a half (Sep 14- Mar 15) and had...
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Antoinette Rebbeck

This tenant was extremely angry at the owner. (We took the property over to manage when he was already in the house.) The owner and tenant just never seemed to agree on pret...

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  • Repair ability
  • Fairness
  • Customer service
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